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Proposed 300sqm Development

Doing so much with so little – 300sqm may appear small. You’d be surprised what we did with Project 3D-Mi sitting on a decent 15x20m piece. A client’s trust earned is worth Gold!

Proposed 450sqm Development

Design-Build – Sitting on 450sqm, Project 3DM-AP151 is an expansive 5-Bedroom Duplex being delivered with an impressive cost-effective budget.

Proposed 600sqm Development

Sleek Contemporary Designs: We are inspired by Clients who push to make the most of their land. On 600sqm, here was our answer to our client’s BIG brief. BOLD is Beautiful!

Proposed 900Sqm Development

HOME is where our HEART is. Through TECH, we bring the following to bear on every project we undertake: Functionality, Sustainability, Cost-Effectiveness.

Proposed 1000+ Sqm Joint Development

Project 3DM-MF9 – Ikota, Lagos. We are open to Joint Venture (JV) Partnerships/Developments. In our most recent JV, we put together 16 Luxury Apartment Units on 1600sqm. Now that’s real VALUE.



300sqm Plots

450sqm Plots

600sqm Plots

900sqm Plots

1000+ sqm Plots

RAISING THE BAR. Redefining Possibilities

Be it Design or Construction, there are NO limits to what can be achieved. Every Property, Land, or Project is a blank canvass, an “open cheque” on which an idea can be transformed into a beautiful, functional, cost-efficient, and investment-worthy structure/development.

We know getting the best development on your property is important to YOU.

What category does your property belong to? As we have done with our other esteemed clients, let’s discuss your Project TODAY!

Recent Projects

Spurred by our ethos of service (Discipline : Detail : Delivery), we have taken on projects through the years that fuel our desire even more in taking on and meeting our clients’ ambitious projects.

#3DM - Project PO2-LA_RFVP-D
Project MJ-R
Project MJ-R (3DM450sqm)
Project MG-AK
Project MG-AK (3DM600sqm)
Project KL-A2
Project KL-A2 (3DM450sqm)
Project HDG
Project HDG (3DM300sqm)


Walk-In Shower or Bathtub

Walk-In Shower or Bathtub

A home without a bathroom is like, well- unthinkable. There’s a reason why many think the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home. Other than your bed, it is where
Swing Gate or Sliding Gate

Swing Gate or Sliding Gate

Except your premises is situated in a secure location with no worries about privacy, intruders, trespassers or other security concerns, or except you really do not think you have
Kitchen Island or Kitchen Peninsula

Kitchen Island or Kitchen Peninsula

One of the most important rooms in a home is the kitchen. As a matter of fact, the kitchen is often a key determinant in deciding whether or not a home is a good fit for us.
Buying A Home or Building Your Home

Buying A Home or Building Your Home

Getting a home is probably one of the biggest financial decisions a lot of people would make in their lifetimes. When it does get to that point, however, there’s usually a fairly

Featured Projects

PROJECT PO2-LA: Contemporary 3 Bedroom Bungalow - Country Home
Project PO2-LA is a delightfully welcoming country home that instantly draws you in, giving you a sense of being one with nature. Every design element of the house, as should be quite fitting for a country home, is borne from the careful effort to not interrupt nature but complement it and make its
PROJECT MJ-R: Luxurious 5-Bedroom + 1 B.Q Duplex
This stunning Project M-JR is a 2-Storey, 5-Bedroom expansive detached duplex and sits, amazingly, on 450sqm. 
PROJECT MG-AK: Luxurious 5-Bedroom + 1 B.Q Duplex
Describing Project MG-AK will be akin to the description of an impressive modern castle; the assets are quite relatable and engaging. With a distinctive front facade and striking side and rear view details, the views from all sides of the building are equally as charming as the interior aesthetics.
PROJECT KL-A2: Contemporary 4-Bedroom + 1 B.Q Duplex
Project KL-A2 is a magnificent residence designed for a plot size of 450sqm in Mayfair Gardens, Awoyaya, a serene and lush estate in Lagos. The spatial arrangements emphasized the judicious use of space both internally and externally and the provision of basic infrastructure – guard/security house,
PROJECT HDG: Luxurious 3-Bedroom Duplex
Project HDG is an architectural masterpiece that speaks, not only to the versatility of good design thinking, but also the unique possibilities that exist for an exquisite home for your family on a 300 sqm space.

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